TCA Angus Connect

Appropriate for: Males and females
Under 25
Monday – Friday. Hours flexible
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request

When someone is referred to Angus Connect they will meet a resource worker who will set aside time for you to talk about how things are in their life. Some young people feel that situations in their life are too complicated to deal with on their own. Together you and your worker will decide what issues you need to tackle and come up with a plan as to how to achieve this.

As part of our program of projects and group work we have developed girls’ groups; “The Witches Project” and boys’ groups; “Loose Cannons”.

We offer a confidential service for anyone under the age of 25 who feels their or someone else’s alcohol and/or substance use is becoming a problem. Anyone can drop in to our building at 22-24 Catherine Street Arbroath or if you prefer to speak to some one first you can phone 01241 872989 before arranging an appointment.

If you go ahead with meeting a worker an appointment will be made to meet at a place and time convenient for you to discuss the support we can offer to discuss the changes you would like to make. We have a range of services delivered in Angus;

  • One to One support. We offer support based on needs. From brief intervention to long term support. This will be discussed with you and the worker.
  • Education: We continue to be involved in delivering alcohol and other substances education and support to schools and colleges. This involves identifying issues relevant to age and understanding, we create sessions on a needs led approach with up to date information related to community issues.
  • FNP: workers support the Arbroath and Birkhill Friday Nite Projects. This is delivered with our partners Police, CLD, Neighbourhood Services and Fire Service as a diversionary to engage young people in positive activities and provide a safe environment to discuss any issues.
  • Support Group: We feel there is a need to support young male service users in a group setting to promote responsible alcohol use and break down stereotypes of alcohol use amongst males. This support group meets fortnightly and is offered to young men over the age of 18




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