PlusOne Mentoring

Appropriate for: Males and females
8 - 14
Dundee and Angus
7 days a week
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request

The Plusone mentoring programme has received rapid and widespread recognition as a very successful model diverting at risk young people away from the criminal justice system.

Using a youth work approach delivered by trained volunteer mentors, Plusone has been proven to not only successfully change behaviour, attitudes and choices in the young people referred but to do this at a cost to the state that represents exceptional value.

Key Elements of Plusone
    Identification and referral of participants is based upon firm evidence of a cluster of risk factors:
  • i) Disruption or disengagement at school
  • ii) Offending, aggressive or anti-social behaviour
  • iii) Conflict in the home/family
  • iv) Substance misuse

Connecting into local authority pre-referral screening and referral groups to provide the early intervention community-based option

Recruitment, training and supervision of volunteer mentors and the building of community capacity and perceptions of vulnerable young people

A focus upon the 8-14 year old age group on the cusp of or recently engaging in offending behaviour using the established reputation and relationship of local YMCA centres and local delivery organisations with a youth work approach

Close partnership working with social work, police and schools

Who are the Mentors?
  • Mentors will have a local background and base
  • Mentors understand that all young people have different needs, abilities and learning preferences
  • Mentors help young people establish an understanding of the relationship between choices and consequences
  • Mentors help re-establish the locus of control for behaviour as being centred in the young person
  • Mentors respect the young people‚Äôs choice to participate
  • Mentors help young people to engage in positive activities who might otherwise become involved in anti-social behaviour, alcohol/drug misuse or who would leave school with few qualifications and skills
  • Mentors will be fully supported by a Plusone Programme Manager

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact your local Plusone Programme Manager

For the Mentees
  • Young people can choose to participate in Plusone, it is not compulsory
  • Young people will be listened to and helped to make their own choices/decisions
  • Young people will be supported to access activities they are interested in




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