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Appropriate for: Young people whose use of alcohol or other drugs is beginning to cause concern
Perth & Kinross
Week days and evenings
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request

This concern may be voiced by the young people themselves or from others who have a welfare responsibility for them, such as parents, teachers or social workers. The Project worker will work with the young person to help them consider the impact alcohol or other drugs might be having on their life. We aim to ensure that young people are well equipped with the right knowledge and understanding needed to be able to make good safe decisions. We have good links with the secondary schools in our target areas and the bulk of referrals come from here, although we do operate an open referral system.

Our main focus since 2012 has been delivering and developing a peer education/peer mentoring programme. This programme engages young people and focuses on issues that they feel are important in regard to alcohol, drugs and peer pressure. The Peer Educators deliver interactive sessions to Primary 7 and Secondary 1 cohorts. 2014 sees the third presentation of the programme at Pitlochry High School and the first at Breadalbane Academy, Aberfeldy.

Our Aim

Connect is a service for young people aged 11 – 18 who are concerned or worried about their use of alcohol or other drugs. It’s also for those who have found they are starting to experience problems through their alcohol or drug use. The aim of Connect is to give you the knowledge and understanding of the effects of alcohol and other drugs and to support you to make good safe decisions. Project staff will work with you to explore how alcohol and drugs have an impact on different aspects of your life.

    This may include:
  • What happens to your body and physical wellbeing when you use lots of alcohol and drugs.
  • Having a look at some of the (sometimes embarrassing!) things that you do when you are drunk or stoned.
  • Give you a better (and honest) understanding of what alcohol and drugs are all about.
  • The risks of being lifted and spending a well comfy night in the cells!

So, you reckon you know everything there is to know … give us the challenge, and we can hopefully set the record straight about some of the myths around alcohol and drug use.

Peer Education

This is a successful programme delivered yearly to secondary school pupils at Highland Perthshire schools. Pupils join the project in second year and begin learning about the role of a Peer Educator and the responsibilities they will take on. Learning continues around three key areas; alcohol, drugs and peer pressure, but it is not exclusive to these. As the Peer Educators progress through the project they create, plan and deliver classes, based on the key areas, to Primary 7 and Secondary first years.

The benefits for participant are; developing team work, knowledge, experience, skills, raised awareness, increased confidence, change in attitudes, new social group, equal partners in their learning, and personal and social skills are developed. It’s a steep learning curve! The pupils work hard and learn to rely on each other as colleagues with shared responsibilities.

Pupils that complete the training to become Peer Educators are invited to return and co-facilitate the project to the next set of trainees. All pupils give up their own time to train to become Peer Educators and receive Saltire Awards for their efforts.

The project is supported by Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland and The Gannochy Trust.


This means that we take your privacy very seriously. Things that you talk about with your resource worker will not usually be discussed with anybody outside of the agency unless you say it is okay.

What rights will you have.

We will work in a way which respects your rights and freedom to make choices about things going on in your life. We also hope to help you look at your responsibilities towards your family, friends and community.


All staff at Connect are totally committed to respecting you and are dedicated to supporting you to make good, sound decisions about how you live your life.

How can I be involved

You can get in touch yourself if you are worried about your own use of alcohol or other drugs. Sometimes other people might be worried about you and feel it might be worthwhile for you to become involved too. If you would like to talk to someone about our service, just give us a call on the number below. Feel free to pop in if you are passing, we can chat about Connect or give you information to take away.