Youth Services

TCA provides a range of services for children and young people across the areas of Perth and Kinross, Dundee and Angus. We have a strong focus on alcohol use/ misuse but will also support children and young people who are affected in any way by the use/ misuse of other drugs. We’ve worked alongside local planning partnerships to ensure that we develop our services in line with local needs, and so this means that the services we offer vary slightly within each local authority area. Below, you will find a broad outline of the services we offer, along with the key contact person. Please feel free to contact us should you need further information, or if you want to discuss the service in more detail.

Youth Support Groups

TCA offer young people the opportunity to engage in a number of groups across Tayside. Boost and Loose Cannons and BOOST for boys and The Klub for girls. A yearly Summer Programme takes place during the school summer break. This offers various activities and trips, and that brings together the groups.

Kith n Kin

This service supports the children and their carers living in Kinship care arrangements as a result of parental substance misuse. We offer 1-1 and group support for both the children and adults.

PlusOne Mentoring

Plusone Mentoring is a best practice intervention aimed at supporting and engaging vulnerable young people aged between 8-14 years who are deemed to be at risk of entering the criminal justice system and need support from a positive role model.

We recruit, train, support and supervise volunteer mentors from the community, who are then matched with the young person. We hope that the relationship between the mentor and mentee with continue for a year.

Link-Up Mentoring

Link-Up provides a one to one mentoring service to vulnerable young people living within the boundaries of Dundee City/Angus. The service is for young people who are involved in some way with substance misuse or offending. We recruit, train, support and supervise volunteer mentors who are then matched with individual young people.

Peer Education project

An annual programme delivered second year pupils at Highland Perthshire schools. Education focuses on three key areas; alcohol, drugs and peer ressure. Peer Educators will create a project, plan and deliver classes, based on the key areas, to younger students.

Early Intervention

This is a service for young people who are worried in some way by their own use of alcohol or other drugs. Maybe your drinking or drug use is beginning to cause you some problems. Our project worker will work with to help you to think about the impact alcohol or other drugs might be having on your life. We aim to ensure you are well equipped with the right knowledge and understanding you need to be able to make good safe decisions.

Perth Connect

Perth Connect is an early intervention service operating primarily within the Pitlochry, Aberfeldy and Blairgowrie areas of Perth and Kinross. The service is for young people, aged 11-18, whose use of alcohol or other drugs is beginning to cause concern.

TCA Angus Connect

TCA Angus Connect is a service to offer information, advice and support to young people who feel that their alcohol and/or drug use is becoming a problem. Anyone living in Angus who is under the age of 25yrs can use this service. We offer deliver group work programs in venues around Angus or one-to-one support if this is more appropriate. The one-to-one sessions are confidential and will support you to make positive changes to your life.

Art Therapy

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk to other people. Art Therapy is an opportunity for young people to express themselves in a different way. Using art materials a fully trained art therapy practitioner helps you to explore important issues, to relax, and focus on creating. Art Therapy is a different way of working and you don’t need to be an artist to take part.

One to One Counselling

People experience many different problems related to their own or another person’s drinking. We work with you to try to find the best way for you to try to sort things out in your life and get where you want to be. We can explore whether you want to make changes to your pattern of use or whether you want to stop drinking altogether. We can discuss strategies that you can use and look at how to cope.

Counselling takes place privately with a fully trained counsellor. It is not conducted in a group setting. Each session lasts up to one hour and are usually weekly. You will decide with your counsellor the focus of the sessions. Whether you want to continue or stop the counselling will be your choice.





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