Mentoring service represented at networking event

Zara Mackenzie, TCA Mentor and Volunteer Co-ordinator, recently attended the Reducing Reoffending Change Fund (RRCF) practitioner networking event in Glasgow.

The purpose of the event, organised by The Robertson Trust, was to bring together voluntary, charity and social enterprise organisations to share good practice.

At the event, Zara gave a presentation outlining TCA’s mentoring service throughout Tayside, with a particular focus on volunteer mentoring and peer mentoring.

Here is Zara’s own account of her presentation:

“My presentation discussed the volunteer mentor training and partnership with Churches Action for the Homeless (CATH) and what our training programme looks at. I also mentioned some of the challenges we have faced with this and how we will be addressing these in the future.

The majority of the presentation was about the peer mentor training; discussing what a peer mentor was and what the course was about. I went on to describe my personal experience of delivering the course and why I felt it was beneficial to the peer mentors involved.

Zara Mackenzie, TCA Mentor and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Zara Mackenzie, TCA Mentor and Volunteer Co-ordinator

I also explained the opportunities that we have for peer mentors within TCA and what our active peer mentors are doing now. This included a video clip that was produced by three of our peer mentors, which went down really well.

After the presentation I answered questions along with the peer mentors. The presentation went well and other organisations that were there seemed very interested in the Scottish Mentoring Network’s peer mentor course.

I was thanked for coming along to speak about what our organisation is doing. The feedback I received is that people think that it is great that we are involving clients in the peer mentoring process and offering them opportunities within the organisation.

Event participants also found it very useful to hear not just about the positives but also the challenges we have faced as an organisation.”

View Zara’s presentation (MS Powerpoint)

Overall, it was a successful event, with other agencies taking part in presentations and team building activities, pictured below.

Team building exercise Team building activity Team building activity

TCA’s mentoring services

TCA has been developing and delivering mentoring services for the past ten years. Through our work, we have engaged effectively with male and female offenders and vulnerable young people and helped these people work towards positive outcomes.

We secured funding in 2012 from the Reducing Re-offending Change Fund to deliver a volunteer mentor programme. Our services are aimed at people with substance misuse issues, offending backgrounds or who are homeless and socially isolated.

We offer one to one support to our clients. Our aim is to help to reduce re-offending and support positive change.

Find out more about our Peer Mentoring training on our Volunteer Page

Reducing Re-offending Change Fund

The Reducing Re-offending Change Fund (RRCF) was set up by the Scottish Government to drive a decisive shift towards preventative spending from 2012 to 2015. The project is managed by The Robertson Trust and has two main objectives:

  • to provide offenders with substantial one-to-one support through evidence-based mentoring schemes
  • to promote strong, equal partnership working between third sector organisations and public sector organisations.