Young person receives award: Kith n Kin project

A young person from our Kith n Kin project has successfully completed a week’s wilderness course in the Scottish Highlands through Venture Trust. The course is called Inspiring Young Futures and is designed to encourage young people to think about what they would like to achieve and work towards their goals. As well as the wilderness journey it includes up to a year of support.

The ongoing support enables the participants to consider their new skills, boost confidence, motivate and reach out to other local opportunities to enter positive destinations. Troy received his SCQF Level 3 Personal Development Award certificate from Catrina Gourlay, the Outreach Worker at Venture Trust. We are really happy to be working in partnership with this organisation. Troy is now working one day a week at The Shore in Dundee in Catering and Hospitality, which will hopefully lead to further opportunities.