Winter Practitioners Forum


Our counsellors, mentors and other support workers from TCA services across Tayside, Angus and Perth attended the ‘Winter Practitioners forum’ yesterday via Zoom video link. The session was facilitated by Gillian Ferguson and had a focus on ‘self-care’.

We were exploring ideas about power/energy and keeping our own batteries charged up to be able to help others in our work. We then explored a bit of theory around resilience and working with children, young people and adults, as well as thinking about what this means for ourselves.









We shared ideas about top tips for self care and thinking about what works for us and other people. Suggestions included going for walks and other exercise, getting organised for the week ahead i.e. planning meals to avoid stress, mindfulness exercises, transforming an area in the house to a self-care space and knowing when to sit down and have a rest. We also used some ideas from self-care cards and plan to try out the ‘Challenge Planner’, which helps you to set your self-care goals and integrate them into your life.

Another resource we looked at was the Coaching for Wellbeing Information Pack, a resource for all health and social services staff in Scotland. It gives information about how to access free coaching, to help you support others during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more on the Coaching for Wellbeing website.

It was expressed that the practitioners forum is helpful for TCA staff, especially in the current climate, for connecting with colleagues and sharing what has been going on in the organisation. Our next forum will take place early in the new year.