Volunteering at TCA: Victoria’s experience

“I am in sixth year at St John’s High School. Earlier in the year I participated in the PlusOne Mentor training with TCA and the opportunity then arose to some admin volunteering.”
“I feel that I have grown up with TCA as, when I was still at primary school, I would come to the TCA offices and wait for mum to finish work; I even had my own desk area where I would either do homework or draw! I like meeting new people and also wanted to learn more about the work environment in general so I was excited about coming to work with TCA.”

“Although a bit apprehensive to begin with, I soon became enthusiastic about the work involved and feel that I have gained a great deal of knowledge, not only with admin related work but about speaking with service users, usually by telephone, and realising how anxious and nervous some of them were about accessing the service.”

“Even though I knew a lot about TCA and the various projects carried out by them, this work experience has been invaluable in expanding my knowledge; however it has not changed my opinion of excel spreadsheets; these will never be high up there in the favourite list of “things to do”. I intend to continue volunteering with both the admin department of TCA and with the young person’s service at a later date.”