Hayley wins Volunteer of the Year award 2019

Hayley Jeffrey has won volunteer of the year at the Volunteer Awards 2019. The ceremony for the Volunteer Awards took place on 6th June at The Quay. The city’s hardest working volunteers were recognised at the annual ceremony held by the charity during Volunteers Week (1st to 7th June).

Nominations for the Awards came from organisations, community groups, friends and family as well as other volunteers. Eric Knox the CEO said “Volunteers make a real difference to peoples lives in Dundee.  These awards give us the opportunity for the city to celebrate the people who give their time to help other and make Dundee a richer place to live.”

Hayley was put forward for the award by Georgia at TCA because of her commitment and dedication to her role as a mentor. Georgia writes:

“Hayley became a volunteer mentor with TCA in 2017. Since then she has been matched up with two young people and plans to carry on in her role and work with another young person. We only ask mentors for a year’s commitment with one young person, and Hayley is going into her third year after this match. This just shows how committed she is to give back to the community and support young people in Dundee to be the best they can be no matter what trauma they have experienced.

In the role of the volunteer mentor Hayley has met with her young people every week to give them a breathing space from their chaotic lifestyles at home and give them a more positive outlook on their community. During the matches she has devoted her own time to meet these young people despite working in a full time demanding job.

Hayley has been a great asset to TCA and definitely deserves the recognition this award would give her. She is definitely dedicated to her role, she meets her young person every week, she comes to supervision every month with any issues and a creative solution to go along with them, and she has also used her own initiative to come up with great ideas on different activities to do with the young person that suits them and what they are going through.

The first young person found it so nerve-racking to speak to anyone new, due to lack of confidence in herself, that it was difficult when she was first matched as she wouldn’t speak at all. By the end of the year this young person was a total chatter box! The activities that Hayley would take her on would boost her confidence and make her feel so much better about herself and now she feels a lot more confident in communicating with people which is such a big step for that young person!

The young person Hayley is matched with now is finding it hard to make friends at school so they chat every week about what’s been happening at school and Hayley gives her advice on the best way to deal with some situations with peers by making more positive choices.

Hayley also helps out by delivering the presents from Cash for Kids at Christmas time to her young people and also looking at opportunities to support the winter coat appeal. Hayley has shared her Mentoring experience with TCA and it has definitely inspired current and future mentees to be a positive role model to these young people and to be more open minded and non-judgemental to the home situations of the young people we are working with.

The two young people that Hayley has mentored so far have amazing outcomes and have benefitted immensely from meeting with her every week. The first young person has flourished since the mentoring and I imagine her current match will have the same experience!”