Training and TCA services

As well as specialised training for Mentoring and Befriending, Counsellors and Safe Zone Bus volunteers, we also run other courses for anyone who is interested in participating. We deliver Alcohol Brief Intervention (ABI) Training, Alcohol Awareness Sessions and Service Promotion sessions, detailed below. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on 01382 456012 or email

Alcohol Awareness course

This is a one-day training course focusing on alcohol guidelines, physical/psychological damage, withdrawals from alcohol and treatment options within Tayside. This training is relevant for anyone working within addictions.

Alcohol Brief Intervention (ABI) training

This is a government initiative, focusing on raising awareness and prevention of harmful hazardous alcohol use. The training focuses on what is hazardous/harmful drinking, how to raise the issue and what to do when the issue is raised. Some role play and group participation is involved. The training lasts for half a day and is relevant for everyone.

TCA Service Promotion – learn about our services

An invitation to other services providers to attend an hour long session to learn about what TCA service provides to the people of Tayside. A representative from different projects from within the service will be there to share what their project provides and to answer questions. Relevant for anyone interested in TCA as a service or volunteering opportunities.