Recovery Walk Dundee

This year’s Recovery Walk took place in Dundee on Saturday 30 September. The event is now in its fifth year, but this is the first time it has been hosted by the city of Dundee. Theresa Clark, Adult Counsellor, tells the story of what happened on the day:

“TCA met several times with the Scottish Recovery Consortium and we were asked to join in with the event, not only to promote our service, but also to give something to the community in the form of a Recovery Village. We agreed that yoga taster sessions would be of benefit to everyone on their recovery journey. We pulled our resources; a volunteer from the adult services sourced a tent and we provided yoga mats.

The Women Only Mentoring (WOM) group made colourful banners to reflect what recovery meant to them and they were on display around the tent. We waited in anticipation for the crowd to appear. It was so exciting to see the thousands  of people coming from all over Scotland crossing over Rosangle onto Magdalen Green. There was music, a bouncy castle and face painting for the children.
The yoga teacher began to take us through our paces and we had a constant audience throughout the day. People were approaching us and asking about the benefits of yoga, tia chi, and chi gong. Some joined in and children also took part because they were inspired by the synchronised shapes and movements.

I felt the whole of TCA came together on that day from the Adult services, Mentoring, WOM  group and volunteers. The recovery walk was a success because its objective was to create a supportive recovery family atmosphere and I feel this was reflected through everyone from TCA that pulled together and was able to give to the community.”