Peer mentoring training at TCA

Lydia Banks recently delivered training to our latest intake of peer mentors. The feedback was very positive, with all six candidates completing their SVQ in peer mentoring.

The course took place over 12 weeks from 5 October – 21 December 2015 and is aimed as a personal development step for participants to increase their confidence, self-esteem, knowledge and skill set. It is also a great asset for applying for further education, volunteer opportunities and jobs.

A range of learning methods are involved in the course including role play, information sharing and compiling a portfolio, which contributes towards achieving the SVQ award and peer learning. The course is interactive and informative and it is designed to empower individuals to become a mentor. Topics covered include:peer-mentors

  • what is mentoring
  • effective communication skills
  • theory of mentoring
  • action plans and goal setting.

This is the fourth time that TCA has run this course, and each time it has been evaluated very well by participants. Six individuals have successfully completed the most recent course.

Lydia commented: “As always, I thoroughly enjoyed delivering the course and each time I learn something new, not only about mentoring but also how I can deliver the course better.

“I really enjoy observing the participants’ journey from week 1 through to week 12; seeing their confidence and self-esteem grow.”

More about the course

The peer mentoring course lasts for 12 weeks and candidates are required to attend each session, normally held on a Wednesday between 10am-3.30pm. The trainer often finishes the course at 3pm and uses the last 30 mins as a tutorial session for the candidates, which is a chance for them to do any homework or ask questions.

The portfolio will be produced mainly during the sessions and candidates are expected to complete reflections each week based on what they have learned and how they felt. In the first session of peer mentoring we spend a lot of time on reflections and the trainer is always around to help if needed. If any candidates need further support they can continue on with the trainer on a one-to-one basis after the session or go over their work during the tutorial.

The peer mentoring course provides clients with the skills and knowledge they need in order to help others. Candidates complete worksheets, role plays, discussions and have input from the trainer. At the end of the course their portfolio goes to an assessor to be marked then handed to the SQA for the certificate to be awarded.

Candidates are encouraged to think about what they wish to do after the course. Some use it as a stepping stone into further education or volunteer work and others simply learn more about themselves and work on their own personal development.

We also do a pre unit and information day session, which is a full day prior to the course starting and all candidates are invited to attend this. This session gives a flavour of what the course is about, how the 12 weeks will run as well as giving candidates time to ask questions and find out more.

We aim to offer 3-4 training sessions a year dependant on numbers. If you know of any potential candidates please get in touch with Lydia (Dundee) or Zara (Perth) and they will arrange to meet with them. The next training is due to take place at the end of March.

Lydia: 01382 456012 /

Zara: 01738 580336 /