Perth Carers project

Adult Services are running a project in Perth, which involves matching up befrienders with carers who provide support to people whose lives are affected by someone’s alcohol or drug use. The project is in partnership with the Social Work team and we currently have two matches and one pending match.

The project has been highly successful and has highlighted that there is a need for this type of service in general. Therefore, we are looking at the possibility of recruiting befrienders for ongoing support particularly for clients who have been through the counselling process.

After counselling, sometimes people can feel isolated, so ongoing support in the form of a befriender would be of great benefit. We have recruited a befriender who is providing support to a gentleman in Dundee and we are hoping to continue building on this service.

An added benefit to expanding our befriending service is that it will enable the adult counsellors to focus on the counselling process, with befrienders taking on the ongoing, more practical support after the counselling has finished.

TCA counsellors may come up with goals and changes with the client during their counselling journey, and befrienders can help them to move forward with these and make practical changes. It could be simple things such as helping someone access the gym if they don’t quite have the confidence to do it on their own, or going out into the community with them to put any changes into place.

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