05.02.15 Mindspace seminar – Tourette’s syndrome

Ricky Rapanewski recently attended a Mindspace seminar where guest speaker John Davidson spoke of his personal experiences of Tourette’s syndrome. In the following article, Ricky gives his thoughts on this insightful and informative seminar.

Mindspace yesterday hosted a seminar at their Milne Street premises in Perth. Guest speaker was John Davidson, who gave a fantastic awareness-raising talk on Tourette’s Syndrome to a full audience, and afterwards answered questions.

Whilst all the documentaries that feature John are very interesting, they tended to focus mostly on that part of Tourette’s which involves ‘tics’ (involuntary vocalisations and movements).

Whilst these alone are deeply difficult for a person to live with and manage, the documentaries do not capture the other many aspects of Tourette’s. John’s talk did. He eloquently illustrated  – often through examples of his own lived experience – how intrusive thoughts, obsessive thoughts and behaviour compulsions can be just as prominent and profound as ‘tics’ (and equally difficult to come to terms with, manage, and live with).

John’s talk was informative, enlightening, positive and funny, and was delivered in his own unique, articulate and humorous way.

John features in the YouTube documentary ‘Tourette’s: I swear I can’t help it’. (Please note, the film contains swearing which some may be shocked at or find offensive)

Ricky Rapanewski is Project Manager for Recovery Substance Misuse and Mental Health Services at Perth and Kinross Council.

The Perth & Kinross Council Recovery Project are working in partnership and in collaboration with Mindspace Recovery College.

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