Mentoring story: Naomi

My mentoring experience has been incredible so far. It has not only been rewarding knowing that a couple of hours a week can make a significant change to a young person but it is also been fun engaging in a range of activities with them. I decided to volunteer because I saw a lot of young people in my neighbourhood and old school missing out through no fault of their own and now I feel that I have enough experience to share with them to make a positive contribution and help somebody. naomi

When I first met my mentee in August, I was a little nervous knowing that it is my responsibility to give advice, support and relate to their situation but I was also so excited to try to make a difference in some way and make sure they have fun! Now after a few months with my young person, we have both built up an element of trust and feel comfortable with one another. It is great seeing my mentee continuously progressing into a confident young man.

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