Marco Notarangelo: Social Work Student

Hi there, my name is Marco, a 2nd year Social Work student currently on a four month placement with TCA.  For approximately 10 years I had been working in Dundee City Council’s Offsite Education Service, supporting children and young people’s personal and social development enabling them to remain and engage more positively within Education and their community.  Having worked closely in partnership with social work teams over these years had inspired me to join the profession in order to contribute further to supporting those most in need.  Therefore, it was time to leave full time work and enter student life again!marco

As part of my practice experience I am involved in working together with and supporting the Kith n Kin Carers group. Following Scottish Government’s announcement that it will provide £10.1 million to councils to raise kinship care allowances to the same level foster care families receive, I shall preparing a presentation which will focus on delivering information on Dundee City Council’s strategical approach to and implementation of the new ‘Kinship Care Allowance’ and how they aim to extend support to those eligible children on the edge of care who are subject to a Kinship Care Order.