‘Making Recovery Real’

‘Making Recovery Real’ – listening to and involving people with lived experience of mental
health issues and mental health services/supports.

‘Making Recovery Real’ (MRR) in Dundee is a new partnership involving 11 organisations from health and social care and a range of voluntary sector providers concerned with people recovering from mental health issues. The partnership has provided the catalyst for these organisations to work co-productively to make mental health recovery a reality in Dundee.

The project is supported by the Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership (DHSCP) and the Scottish Recovery Network (SRN). Both organisations are committed to placing people with lived experience at the heart of developments. Since the launch, in November last year, the MRR partnership has been working with people with mental health problems and practitioners to set the priorities Making Recovery Real will follow as part of a longer term journey to transform mental health and supports in Dundee.

The MMR priorities are:

• Listen to and act on lived experience – the project is listening to people with lived experience and is recruiting a pool of peer supporters who will collect and analyse stories of lived experience and recovery. One-to-one interviews, group story sharing and writing groups are some of the methods being used. A recent video interview is helping to generate a range of individual stories, identify key messages and audiences (e.g. strategic decision makers, mental health practitioners and the general public)  Watch the film on Vimeo

• Work with local organisations, services and supports – to create more roles for people with lived experience through peer support, peer education and learning and in work around informing the MMR strategy in Dundee.

Training in peer support and lived experience leadership skills will be delivered and those involved in sharing, collecting and analysing stories will be involved.

Celebrating wellbeing and recovery – the project plans to showcase the contribution of people with lived experience to Making Recovery Real in Dundee. Their stories and contributions will be at the heart of what we are doing in Dundee.

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