‘Everyone has a voice’ workshops at TCA

Two of our groups for young people in Dundee – the Boost Boys and the Klub – have been helping Corra Foundation and design agency Snook with their project Everyone Has a Voice. The project is exploring the possibilities of a digital service to support young people with experience of parents or carers with alcohol or drug misuse issues. The young people have been sharing their ideas for how the service would work, how it would look and what kind of support and features it would offer. Snook are bringing these ideas to life through prototypes and will be sharing these with our young people soon. The project will be showcased at a parliamentary reception in the Scottish Parliament in December and we are hoping to take some of the young people involved along. If you’d like to know more or get involved in the co-production process, please get in touch with Keira from Snook keira@wearesnook.com