Everyone has a voice

The Klub and Boost were involved with the service design agency, Snook, in partnership with The Corra Foundation at the end of 2017 and early in 2018. Following on from the Everyone Has a Story programme, which ran the previous year it was identified that there was a gap in the support available for children and young people whose parents were in recovery. Snook asked for the groups to participate in exploring ways to develop a service which would allow young people to share their experiences of their parent’s recovery in a way that was meaningful and supportive to them. It was unclear how this service would look and the young people were asked to initially participate in two interactive workshops to explore what such a service might look like and how it may be used by young people.

The initial workshops involved the groups exploring with the designers what they hoped to achieve from the project and generating some ideas using the interactive tools brought by Snook. The young people were able to discuss what they would and would not like from such a service; who they would want to have access to their stories and how they might want to interact with others who used the service.

The second workshops involved the groups developing on their previous ideas and making paper versions of possible prototypes. This allowed the young people to have a say in how the service may actually look and participate in the creative design. The young people were able to see on paper how different versions of a digital service may look they enjoyed the more creative and interactive nature of this.

In December young people from the Klub were also invited to attend the Corra Foundation Parliamentary Reception at the Scottish Parliament. This was an event to offer MSPs and other agencies insights into the work that has been developed following the Everyone Has a Story project and the development of follow-up services to support the aims of the project. The young people enjoyed seeing how other groups had participated in the project and also their first visit to the Scottish Parliament.

Finally, in January, Snook ran another workshop which allowed the young people from the Klub and Boost to use the digital prototype they had developed for the service. The young people were able to share their thoughts on how easy the prototype was to use and give feedback on the parts of the prototype they thought were helpful or not. This was a great way for the young people to see how their participation in the previous workshops had been used and gave them a real sense of achievement.

If you’d like to know more please get in touch with Keira from Snook keira@wearesnook.com