Cashback for Communities funding

TCA Dundee young person’s service has secured £2229 from the Cashback for Communities Youth Work Fund. The two projects involved in this application are The Klub and boost and on a quarterly basis they meet with project staff and volunteers and plan their projects for the next three months. In the most recent consultation the groups decided that they would like to expand on their previous community based activities e.g. ‘Reformation’ and Social Bite’s ‘Wee Sleep Out’ and were keen to go on an overnight residential and take part in activities throughout the summer holidays.

The successful funding bid will allow the young people involved with Boost to get stuck in to a new project which will see them create a book that focuses on crime and safety in the community. They decided on this activity as the Boost group had previously made something similar a few years ago and the new members decided they wanted to revamp it with new stories and different content.  With support from our volunteers the young people will go on different outings in their community capturing how safe it feels to live in Dundee and what we can do as a community to make it better or feel safer. They will then create an online questionnaire for members of the public to fill out so they can get a feel for how people that are living in the community actually feel. They will then interview the girls at the Klub about their experiences and eventually collate everything into a book.

The funding will also support the young people involved with the Klub to complete three fundraising activities to raise further funds for their group. The girls decided on this as they feel it’s important to raise awareness of TCA’s youth services and help pull in funds for their group’s sustainability. The girls also feel that by doing these different activities they will be engaging with local community facilities while boosting their confidence in the process.

Klub and Boost  already have funding to run the project during school term time, however this extra funding will allow us to run through the school holidays as well, where there is less structured input or support. We will be having a 6 activity summer programme which helps to get the young people out of the house and being involved in  positive activities, They will also fund two separate residential trips which is a great opportunity for the young people to experience a night away whilst challenging themselves to try new things and learn new skills. All of this will allow the young people to become more active in their communities whilst building trusting relationships with each other without fear of judgement.