Breaking Free online programme


Breaking Free from substance useĀ 

Breaking free is a confidential recovery support programme that you can access online whenever you need it. It is available free at
This online programme allows you to work on your recovery at your own pace and gives you positive coping skills that are proven to work.

Guide for individuals

Your recovery support service will give you an access code that lets you set up your personal Breaking Free account. If you are a TCA service user, please get in touch with us for an access code by emailing or send us a message on Facebook.

Watch the video guide here:

First, you will go through some questions so Breaking Free can understand the issues you are facing. You will set a goal to reduce your drinking or drug use, or to quit, stay abstinent or to strengthen your recovery. You will get a diagram that is unique to you and shows what could affect your own recovery. You will use a wide range of positive coping skills based on the latest science of how people achieve change. These skills will help you:

  • deal with your high risk situations
  • escape from your negative thoughts
  • control your emotions like anxiety or anger
  • manage your cravings and urges
  • structure your day
  • boost your mood
  • help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

You will get structured action plans to put into practice and these will be stored in your recovery toolkit. You will track your progress on your recovery dashboard and share your work with your supporters. A companion app for Android phones and iPhones will give you instant access to mindfulness videos and encourage you to stay strong in high risk situations. So use Breaking Free whenever you need support and let it help you achieve your recovery goals.

Guide for supporters

If you are supporting someone with their recovery, Breaking Free have a detailed guide about how to work through setting up a programme:

Breaking Free Online – Guidance For Supporters (PDF format)