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TCA offer a wide variety of services to people who feel that they need support, information or guidance relating to alcohol. Whether it’s someone who feels that they may be developing problematic alcohol use, or someone that is being exposed to someone else’s problematic alcohol use.

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TCA treats each person who attends our agency for advice and counselling as an individual and does not seek to persuade anyone to accept a particular view of alcohol problems. Instead, we listen to our clients, help them to understand the causes of the problems and to identify appropriate individual solutions.

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Support Groups

Throughout Tayside TCA provide many and varied opportunities to get involved in group support and therapy. For some people this approach is preferable to one to one work. The sharing of experiences can be useful in allowing people to learn that they are not alone in their difficulties. The groups are not just about talking and supporting. Activities form a large part of what happens at each meeting. These range from baking, having guest speakers to an art and craft session.

One to One Counselling

People experience many different problems related to their own or another’s drinking and we try to work out with you the best way for you to try to sort things out in your life. We can explore whether you want to make changes to your pattern of use and if so ways of trying to do this.

Counselling takes place privately with one counsellor and yourself it is not conducted in a group setting. Each session lasts up to an hour and you will decide with your counsellor if you want to continue and how often this will take place.

Art Therapy

At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves overwhelmed by our emotions; these may be difficult to face either by ourselves or with others. Art therapy offers an opportunity to explore these often intense or painful thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment using creative arts and crafts. Art Therapy is an opportunity for people, young and old, to express themselves in a different way.

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