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Help & advice

Help & advice

Are you worried about yourself or a family member?

We offer support for people who are having difficulties with alcohol use, substance use and gambling.


You can contact us for general advice and we can help direct you to a service within TCA that would be right for you. You can also do this if you are worried about someone in your family or someone close to you.


You can contact us on 01241 872989 (Arbroath), 01382 456012 (Dundee), 01738 580336 (Perth) or email and we will help direct you to someone who can help. We can have a chat with you about your individual situation and decide on your next steps.

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General alcohol advice

If you are not quite ready to pick up the phone and are looking for a place to start with understanding a bit more about your alcohol intake and how it is affecting you, check out the Drinkaware website.


The website has a large Advice and Support area, which directs you to a range of resources and information.


Here you will find help with reducing your drinking, a self-assessment tool to identify how much you drink and a downloadable app that helps you to keep track of your drinking.


If you are concerned about someone else’s alcohol use, you can find useful guidance here.


We are developing our FAQs section.

Email for confidential advice