Alcohol and mental health - Tayside Council on Alcohol
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Alcohol Awareness Week text

Alcohol and mental health

As part of Alcohol Awareness Week, Alcohol Change UK have produced a factsheet about how mental health can be affected by alcohol.
Alcohol is sometimes used by people to try and help manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, but excessive drinking is likely to make those symptoms worse. Managing your drinking and getting the right support are crucial to good mental health.
We offer one to one support if you are considering making a change relating to the use of alcohol and/or other substances. You can refer someone else for counselling if you have their consent to do so. You can also phone us for general advice and information.
Read more about Counselling at TCA
Email us at: (stating which location you would like to be seen)
01241 872989 (Arbroath)
01382 456012 (Dundee)
01738 580336 (Perth).
 If you don’t live in the Tayside area, you can call Drinkline Helpline Scotland (free) on 0800 7 314 314, which offers supports for people who are worried about their own or someone else’s drinking or drug use.
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