Who Are TCA

TCA has been providing alcohol services across Tayside for 40 years. We were established in 1972 and was originally a Dundee based Service. We now have a wide range of services for people who are affected by their own or another’s alcohol use.  We began as an Adult Counselling organisation, however, have now developed 26 different areas of service for children, young people, adults, families and carers from 9 years of age upwards. TCA now has offices across Tayside in Dundee Perth and Arbroath.  Our outreach services reach to every community in Tayside.  We have over 60 volunteers and 49 staff. From our humble beginnings we now support around 900 adults and 200 young people every year. We are the leading Third Sector Organisation in our field across Tayside.

TCA operates as a Company Limited by Guarantee (SC097522), and is recognised as a Charity (SC006511) with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. The overall management of the organisation is undertaken by a Board of Directors who are responsible for strategic direction and sustainability. (For details of Board Members see Appendix A) Operational management is overseen by the Director of TCA. The Director also has responsibility for reviewing progress and performance.
The TCA Board meets quarterly or as required. There are two sub committees of the Board, Audit and Human Resources/Finance. Each is chaired by a Board Member and the Human Resource/Finance Committee has staff representation. There is a third group, Staff Consultation, which is chaired by the HR Advisor.


TCA currently has a total of 49 paid staff. This is a 50% increase from 2009. There are more volunteers than there are paid staff and it is very important to recognise that TCA could not continue to deliver the range and quality of services without the support of the volunteers.

  • Permanent – 15
  • Fixed Term – 16
  • Sessional – 18
  • Volunteers – 56

Each member of staff has a learning and development plan and every year receives training relevant to their role. A new supervision and appraisal policy has been introduced. A new Human Resources database has been purchased and populated which assists in the consistency of information available to TCA.

Service Standards
    TCA operates according to agreed service standards that guide service delivery:

  • Clients will be provided with all the information needed to help them decide about using the service.
  • Clients will have all the information needed about arrangements for ending their contact with the service.
  • Clients will be able to access safe, quality surroundings when engaging with the service.
  • Clients will be involved in a full assessment which makes sure that decisions about care and support are based on needs.
  • Clients will receive a written personal plan that clearly sets out what the service will provide to meet their needs.
  • The service will work with the client to achieve the jointly agreed actions in their personal plan.
  • Clients will be able to discuss and plan their long-term support with service staff, involving their family, other organisations, services or representatives as appropriate.
  • Clients will receive quality support and care.
  • The service will work with a wide range of partners, including other services, so that their needs are met.
  • The service clients receive has been designed with themselves, their family, and the needs of the local community in mind.
  • Individuals’ views will be sought in order to constantly monitor the type, delivery and development of services.