Supporting individuals, families and communities across Tayside impacted by substance use

Supporting individuals, families and communities across Tayside impacted by substance use

Supporting individuals, families and communities across Tayside impacted by substance use

About us

TCA grew from a grassroots desire to support individuals struggling to cope with problem drinking. TCA was registered as a Charity in 1973 and formed into a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1986. Although the organisation has grown, and the range of services has expanded, we have remained true to this underpinning ethos of responding to the needs as expressed by the people and families living in communities across the three local authorities of Tayside.

How we can help


We deliver services across the three local authorities of Tayside and our services are adapted to meet the needs of the Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross communities. Whether you are looking for support for yourself, worried about a friend or someone in your family, a professional looking for information or advice, we can help. Click on the buttons below to find out more about the services we provide in each area.

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How you can help us

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Volunteering for TCA – Erin’s story

I hadn’t heard of TCA until I got a volunteering opportunity through my university. When I read about the great work they do to support young people in Dundee, I had to get involved. I have continued to volunteer since I graduated.

My first volunteer position was as mentor, which I did for just over a year and I am now volunteering with the girls group ‘The Klub’.


I think particularly during the pandemic, volunteering with TCA has helped me become more adaptable. COVID has been extra tough for young people and it’s important we can support them. TCA provides a safe space for them to come chat, learn new things and have a laugh!

Volunteering for TCA is a great opportunity to work with a range of different people. The young people are fantastic and always keep me on my toes!


Watch more of Erin’s story on YouTube.

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Rebecca’s story

When I started counselling I was suffering with really bad anxiety, as well as insecurities. I struggled leaving the house, going to school, asking for help or even making a simple phone call. It was a horrible time in my life.

At first counselling was scary. I was telling this stranger my life story, all my problems, everything. But as the weeks went on I got more confidence and comfortable. It was like sitting down and chatting with a friend, telling them about my week as well as how I was feeling.


Through counselling I was able to overcome my insecurities and gain so much confidence. I am much happier and healthier overall. I have learned how to cope with my anxiety; I find it easier to do the tasks I used to struggle with. I think counselling is an amazing thing that everyone should consider at some point in life.

TCA news

  • TCA staff, family and friends will be putting mind over matter by walking barefoot across a bed of red-hot embers to raise awareness and to raise some money for TCA....

  • The Annual Review formed the basis of our AGM that was held at The Discovery Point in Dundee in September....

  • Vikki and Sandy from our Angus Young Person’s Services have recently participated in 'Safe Angus' events to provide input around alcohol and drug awareness....

  • We had a visit from some local Therapets and their owners at Canine Concern Scotland Trust....

  • The One Stop Women’s Learning Service (OWLS) were kindly donated 3 bikes for women to take home and use at their leisure. ...

  • After doing such a fantastic job of painting some fun shapes and games on the ground in our garden, we were delighted to welcome Nicola Wiltshire - Artist back to brighten up our back wall at our Dundee office....

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