Early Intervention

Appropriate for: Males and females
Monday – Friday. Hours flexible.
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request

This is a service for young people who are worried in some way by their own use of alcohol or other drugs. Maybe your drinking or drug use is beginning to cause you some problems. Our project worker will work with to help you to think about the impact alcohol or other drugs might be having on your life. We aim to ensure you are well equipped with the right knowledge and understanding you need to be able to make good safe decisions.

We are committed to working with children and young people at an early stage, with the aim of reducing the harm, vulnerability and disadvantage that can occur through parental substance use, their own involvement with substance use or offending/ antisocial behaviour. We do this in a variety of ways across Tayside. In Angus, our ,young person’s service , offers both one to one and group work sessions directly to young people. Targeted group programmes such as the Witches Project for girls and the Loose Cannons for the boys link strongly to schools and use the local heritage as a means to engage with the young people to address risk and need. One to one sessions allow young people to explore their issues, concerns and needs in a safe, nurturing environment and project staff are there to facilitate positive change. In Dundee we run a girls group, The Klub, and the boys group, Boost . Both groups have an activity programme as well as offering positive role modelling, peer support and the scope for some individual one to one with a project worker or volunteer. The Witches project runs across Tayside and offers some scope for individual work where needed. The Peer Education Project currently serves the Highland Perthshire area, and bring the scope for early intervention to young people from Primary 6/7 upwards.

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