TCA wins mentoring award

TCA won the Scottish Mentoring Network ‘Continuing Excellence 2014/15’ at the recent Networks Annual Awards. This award was for all of our mentoring services – OWLS, Women Only Mentoring, Link Up, Plusone, 16+ and Mentoring for Men.

Group Shot (3) (Reduced)Certificate of Continuing Excellence - TCA (Reduced)

Other TCA award winners

SQA Customised Award in Peer Mentoring and Support

Seven Peer Mentors have completed all requirements to attain the SQA Award and all of them were able to attend the annual event to pick up their awards for all their hard work.

Highly commended

Sandy Edmonds has developed the Mentoring for Men Peer Support group from a couple of interested clients. He has also encouraged volunteers to assist and managed to encourage some of the mentoring clients to take on some responsibility for the group.

With this small group he has made excellent links with Police Scotland and developed ongoing football matches between TCA Mentoring for men clients and Local Police from Police Scotland (Tayside). Since the group started some of the group have managed to complete Venture trust, RJIT survival training with a couple of lads heading into employment.

Theresa Clark is a full time Mentor with TCA and on top of that she also has managed to re-launch the Women Only Mentoring Group (WOM). She is involved with Dundee’s local R&R cafe and her strength is enabling clients to move on to new and exciting opportunities.

She has managed to involve three Peer Mentors in facilitating the WOM group and has encouraged a number of TCA WO Mentoring clients to attend and participate in R&R cafe activities.

Theresa has made excellent links with CJS Welfare Rights/Health and has made this a key part of the WOM group. Finally, Theresa has enabled two volunteers from TCA to participate in volunteering opportunities with the Wisegroup.

Highly Commended Staff Member - Theresa Clark (Reduced)

Exceptional Contribution

Lydia Banks volunteered with the Klub for a number of years and she was well liked and respected by the young people, volunteers and staff. After doing the TCA Mentor training she was then matched up on an individual basis with two young people and helped to enable the young people to explore what changes they wanted to make in their lives.

She then moved onto University and began studying CLD at Dundee. In her last year at University Lydia asked to do her internship with TCA, we were delighted with this and eagerly accepted. Lydia became a Women Only Mentor for TCA during her intern period and produced an exceptional piece of research.

After this, Lydia offered to co-facilitate the SQA in Peer Mentoring and Support training and has now successfully delivered two training programmes in Dundee and Perthshire. Not only has she achieved this but she also became a TCA Team Leader on Dundee’s Safe Zone bus and mentored a group of volunteers and sessional workers.

Exceptional Contribution 2014 - Lydia Banks (Reduced)