Women Only Zone - Appropriate for: Females seeking support for alcohol use
Group Size:
Tuesday 2-4
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request
The aim of this group is to tackle the specific problems relating to the way in which women are affected by alcohol misuse and the particular problems they face in trying to address them. 
A Safe Space For Women To Chat … Be … Do


The Women Only Zone is a women’s group offering the opportunity to speak with other women in a safe and trusting environment. There is a great degree of trust within the group and the ability to know and understand the difficulties that others in the group have encountered. There is also a great sense of humour, camaraderie and friendship drawn from the common bond forged within the therapeutic relationships in the group.

Women with alcohol issues can find it hard to seek help and find it more comfortable to be in a women only environment, which is what we offer at Tayside Council on Alcohol.

Why have a women only group?

The aim of this group is to tackle the specific problems relating to the way in which women are affected by alcohol misuse and the particular problems they face in trying to address them.

What is an alcohol problem?

Our view is that if drinking is affecting your life in ways that are not increasing your quality of life, then you might benefit from considering making some changes ... women have many different kinds of problems with alcohol ... it can be our best friend and our worst enemy!

How can the group benefit me?

The group can provide a safe space where you can gain the support, knowledge and guidance to tackle the problems you may be experiencing

Will I be able to talk to someone in private?

Yes! We provide individual counselling at TCA if you would like this service. We have counsellors working in the women's only zone who would be happy to have a quiet, confidential chat with you during the group. We also offer other services at TCA.

Will I be expected to talk to the group about my alcohol-related problems?

No one will ask you to discuss personal issues surrounding alcohol or any other topic. You can choose how much or how little you wish to say about anything! The group will be involved in a variety of events and activities designed to build on existing skills and increase confidence. There are a range of activities chosen by group members These include:

  • Assertiveness and Self-Esteem Activities
  • Relaxation and Problem Solving
  • Self-Help Plans and Support
  • Art Therapy
  • Outings and Visits

Women and Alcohol… Why all the fuss?

Women are more at risk of health-related harm from alcohol than men … this is because there are differences in the physical body such as the ratio of water to fat … so if a woman drinks the same amount as a man she will experience greater effects in the short and long term.

We Can Also Arrange Individual Support or Information Too!

Women are more at risk from alcohol misuse This is because they have a smaller proportion of water to fat in their bodies, they are usually smaller than men and they weigh less. Women's livers don't neutralise alcohol as quickly as men's and can't remove it from the blood as quickly either. Therefore, if a woman drinks the same as a man she will get more drunk, more quickly and will tend to suffer greater ill effects.

Low-Risk Drinking

Current recommended guidelines for low-risk drinking are that adult women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week, with 2-3 alcohol-free days … You can get a free unit calculator from TCA to help work this out! Drinking more than these limits can increase the risk of harm to your health.

Women can also be more vulnerable because of alcohol.

Women can be at risk because of other people's drinking too ... if you are concerned or experiencing problems because of another person drinking we can help.

You Can Get a Free Womens Info Pack From TCA

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