The Witches Project - Appropriate for: Young Women
12-18 Years
Angus, Dundee, Perth & Kinross
Group Size:
Flexible 8 – 10 Week Programme
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How to Join:
Referrals & By Request

The Witches Project! It’s an interesting name for a project! This is a short term intervention available to High Schools across Tayside. We work with groups of 8 – 12 females and investigate local history, looking particularly at how women are perceived and treated. The group then relate this to the modern day perceptions, health, alcohol abuse and other topics that the group feel are important to learn more about. The project concludes with a very appropriate trip to The Edinburgh Dungeon’s witchcraft museum!

The Witches Project

This programme was developed in partnership with local statutory agencies to target young women as a direct response to the growing concerns around increased alcohol consumption and associated risk/ anti-social behaviour. The project uses the story of witchcraft in local areas as a hook to explore female stereotypes, use/ misuse of alcohol and the role of young women in their communities Tayside. With access to the museums and archives, resource workers support participants to undertake historical research and engage in other activities to consider their own drinking and behaviour and its impact on themselves and their community.

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