The Loose Cannons - Appropriate for: Young Men
12 - 16
Group Size:
Flexible 8 – 10 Week Programme
How to Join:
Referrals & By Request
Loose Cannons is an early intervention program which supports young men to look at their behaviour, responsibilities and to think about their role in their local community. 
The Loose Cannons

With the witches groups being so successful many young men were being referred to our service that would benefit from a similar group for boys. We developed an early intervention program which supported them in looking at their behaviour and their responsibilities towards their local community.

Team building skills and community history are used to widen the young men’s awareness of their community and the part alcohol plays.

Aims are to reduce anti-social behaviour and provide skills to make positive choices. We engaged previous members to mentor the new groups and the boys work towards their dynamic youth or youth achievement awards.

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